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This September, journey back to our immersive Virtual Campus for the highly anticipated free Health & Wellness Virtual Experience Conference! Exposure to educational and industry-specific content, new ideas, and networking opportunities are the foundational pillars for this year’s theme “Thrive Together: Nourishing the RDs to Empower the Public.”

Explore topics covering Diet Culture vs. Health at Every Size, Food As Medicine, Sustainability & Affordability, Healthy You For Healthy Clients, and much more. Additionally, Health & Wellness Community members can receive CPEU credits by attending our live speaker sessions.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding speaker updates and track reveals, as well as the upcoming conference agenda.

2024 Conference Tracks

As retail dietitians, we know true health extends far beyond the numbers on the scale. This track invites you to explore approaches that encompass physical, mental, and emotional well-being while removing health inequities or disparities. Attending this track will empower you with strategies to promote overall health, resilience and long-term wellness in your clients. You’ll learn how to foster positive lifestyle changes that go beyond weight loss, helping clients achieve a balanced, fulfilling life. By broadening your expertise in health for all, no matter what size, background or situation, you’ll enhance your ability to offer comprehensive care.
The evolving landscape of health and wellness increasingly recognizes the vital role of nutrition in disease prevention and management. This track delves into the critical connection between food and medicine, highlighting not only how dietary choices can influence health outcomes, but how other factors can play into this approach. Gain insights into all sides of Food As Medicine, such as personalized nutrition, food equity and accessibility. This knowledge will enable you to provide more effective, evidence-based recommendations to your clients, enhancing their health and well-being.
The challenge of ensuring nutritious, affordable and sustainable food for all is more pressing than ever in today’s world. This track addresses practical strategies to help clients make healthier food choices that are both budget-friendly, culturally supportive, and environmentally sustainable. Learn innovative approaches to guide your clients in adopting cost-effective and eco-conscious eating habits. This knowledge is crucial for making a positive impact on diverse populations, especially those with limited resources.

The demanding nature of dietetic practice can take a toll on your well-being. This track is dedicated to equipping you with tools to maintain your own business and health while effectively empowering your clients. Discover techniques for balancing business and self-care, explore personal and professional development and gain other resources for dietitians. Additionally, learn how to motivate and inspire your clients, fostering a collaborative and empowering relationship that leads to sustained behavior change.


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Highlights of the 2023 RDBA Virtual Experience

Technology Expo

This Expo Hall is like none other you have experienced. You will have the opportunity to interact fully with sponsors in their virtual booths and get access to the latest solutions.

Thank You to the 2023 Sponsors

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Incredible Industry Speakers and Presentations

Learn from the best in the field as they share their insights and experiences, arming you with the latest knowledge to excel in your practice. You will have the opportunity to dive deep into the latest product introductions, food studies, research findings, and industry regulations. Our sessions are designed to empower you with the tools you need to thrive.

Virtual Networking

Connect with like-minded professionals, forge partnerships, and cultivate innovation. Together, we’ll leverage shared experiences and knowledge to better promote the right products to the right consumers. The virtual campus has dedicated meeting rooms, connections cafes, and an easy meeting scheduling system to allow attendees to quickly connect and network.

See what attendees have to say

“BEAUTIFUL , interactive and user friendly. I was amazed at the booth experience. Made me excited about the conference and really connected to the experience more”

-2023 Virtual Conference Attendee

“I loved all the presentations, but the “Shifting the Conversation about Health” session was a fantastic overview of how retailers are improving processes and expanding nutrition services. Spot on.”

-2023 Virtual Conference Attendee

“My favorite aspect of the Virtual Experience was Samplefest and the New Product Showcases. Seeing what’s new and upcoming with health and wellness products is so important for RDs.”

-2023 Virtual Conference Attendee

“I was overall impressed with the speaker list and topics presented. I found them to be helpful, relevant, and inspiring.”

-2023 Virtual Conference Attendee

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