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RDBA is thrilled to be partnering with the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA to educate and empower shoppers with truthful science-based information that will enhance families lives and well-being. Now more than ever our shoppers are asking more questions about the foods they consume; and through this partnership we are pleased to offer RDBA’s members, the Retail RDs who are on the frontlines in our stores, the tools they need to effectively share this knowledge with their shoppers.

Elizabeth Fain
Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA
Phone: 202-849-2254

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The COVID-19 pandemic drove many Americans to think more about their health – from general wellness to chronic disease management. We learned quickly that individuals living with – or at high risk of – some nutrition related chronic diseases were hit harder by COVID. These individuals may also be at a higher risk for long-term COVID impact. Even as record numbers of Americans are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, many report plans to continue or increase their focus on health and wellness. Retail dietitians can be essential in helping Americans make healthier choices and ensuring focus is on evidence-based information that promotes health and prevents and manages chronic conditions in the long term. The Retail Dietitians Business Alliance and the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA have partnered to put turnkey resources at your fingertips to meet your shoppers’ needs as we move toward a post-COVID era. Our goal is to provide you with ready-to-use resources to engage consumers through social media, online quizzes, cook-alongs, virtual tours, and more! We have also included a few tips that may be useful as you adapt to what everyone is calling “the new normal.” For your ease of use, the information here is organized by topic, and the subjects are based on those we know of interest to consumers as they work to maintain health in what are still uncertain times. We invite you to tailor these resources to your brand and messaging. And please let us know what else you need. If you want additional materials or more information on specific topics or other types of materials, tell us! You can email the authors at