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Kate Hebel, MS, RD
Associate Manager, Nutrition Communications
PepsiCo Foods North America


Frito-Lay® and The Quaker® Oats Company

Shoppers are seeking foods that deliver nutrition and enjoyment. Frito-Lay and The Quaker Oats Company offer an expansive and diverse product portfolio to support your shoppers in making positive choices that meet a variety of nutrition and taste preferences.

We’re also home to some of the most creative food scientists who have great experience in nutrition innovation. As we continue innovating, our team is working to incorporate high-quality ingredients with the goal of creating products that are both nourishing and flavorful.  We are also looking for opportunities to reduce added sugars, sodium and saturated fat in our trusty favorites without changing the flavors people know and love. All so your shoppers can enjoy more smiles with every bite.

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