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Michigan Bean Commission

Shari Steinbach, MS, RDN
Michigan Bean Commission Consultant

Michigan is known throughout the world as a top producer of dry edible beans and the Michigan Bean Commission (MBC) based in Frankenmuth, represents approximately 1,100 growers in the state. Retail nutrition professionals have the opportunity to become bean advocates to help consumers select, prepare and consume more Michigan Beans. Because of their nutritional composition, versatility and affordability, beans have the potential to improve the diet quality and long-term health of those who consume them regularly.

Michigan beans are ready for harvest from late August through October and are available throughout the year, either canned under a variety of brands, or in dry packaging.

Michigan Bean Facts:

  • Michigan producers grow a variety of dry edible beans including: azuki beans, black beans, cranberry beans, great northern beans, red kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, small red beans and yellow eye beans.
  • Michigan produces more than 400 million pounds of edible beans and is the second largest producer of total dry beans in the nation.
  • Michigan is first in the nation in the production of black beans, cranberry beans and small red beans, and second in the nation in the production of navy beans.
  • Rich farmland in Michigan’s “thumb” counties produce more beans than any other place in the state and Michigan’s Tuscola County is one of the top dry bean-producing counties in the nation.
  • Frankenmuth is in the heart of the bean growing area, near Michigan State University and the University of Michigan which both provide research and product innovation resources. 
  • Michigan’s Bean growers have a long history of production and are recognized worldwide as industry leaders.