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General Mills Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition

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The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is General Mills’ source for scientific health and nutrition expertise that accelerates opportunities and growth for the company. We are committed to unlocking opportunities to nourish people with food they love by improving the variety, nutrient density, affordability, and accessibility of our products.

National Honey Board

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We’re an industry-funded agriculture promotion group that educates consumers about the benefits and uses of honey and honey products. Our research, marketing, and promotional programs are funded by an assessment on domestic and imported honey and are designed to increase awareness and usage of honey by consumers, the foodservice industry, and food manufacturers.

USA Pears

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Founded in 1931, Pear Bureau Northwest is non-profit marketing organization that promotes, advertises and develops markets for fresh pears grown in Washington and Oregon. Pears from these two Northwest states are distributed under the USA Pears brand and make up 84% of the commercial fresh pears grown in the U.S. Nearly 800 grower families are represented by Pear Bureau Northwest, and the organization works on their behalf to promote 10 varieties of pears.

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association


Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. is your resource for all things beef. Recipes, educational tools, shopper insights, and nutrition research are just a small part of what’s available to help you market and answer questions about America’s beloved protein.

Michigan Bean Commission

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Michigan is known throughout the world as a top producer of dry edible beans and the Michigan Bean Commission (MBC) based in Frankenmuth, represents approximately 1,100 growers in the state. Retail nutrition professionals have the opportunity to become bean advocates to help consumers select, prepare and consume more Michigan Beans. Because of their nutritional composition, versatility and affordability, beans have the potential to improve the diet quality and long-term health of those who consume them regularly.



Shoppers are seeking foods that deliver nutrition and enjoyment. Frito-Lay and The Quaker Oats Company offer an expansive and diverse product portfolio to support your shoppers in making positive choices that meet a variety of nutrition and taste preferences.

Danone North America


Danone North America is a purpose-driven company and an industry leader in the food and beverage category. As a Certified B Corporation®, Danone North America is committed to the creation of both economic and social value, while nurturing natural ecosystems through sustainable agriculture. Our strong portfolio of brands includes: Activia®, DanActive®, Danimals®, Dannon®, evian®, Happy Family® Organics, Honest to Goodness®, Horizon® Organic, International Delight®, Light + Fit®, Oikos®, Silk®, So Delicious® Dairy Free, STōK™, Two Good®, Wallaby® Organic and YoCrunch®. With more than 6,000 employees and 16 production locations across the U.S. and Canada, Danone North America’s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible.

Reagan-Udall Foundation

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The COVID-19 pandemic drove many Americans to think more about their health – from general wellness to chronic disease management. We learned quickly that individuals living with – or at high risk of – some nutrition related chronic diseases were hit harder by COVID. These individuals may also be at a higher risk for long-term COVID impact. Even as record numbers of Americans are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, many report plans to continue or increase their focus on health and wellness. Retail dietitians can be essential in helping Americans make healthier choices and ensuring focus is on evidence-based information that promotes health and prevents and manages chronic conditions in the long term.


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Activia is a part of Danone North America and includes a variety of delicious and nutritious probiotic yogurts and drinks that help support gut health1. Backed by over 20 years of research, and holding the #1 gut health brand position in the probiotic space2, Activia knows a happy gut is important to overall wellbeing and has developed a broad range of products to help address the growing interest supporting gut health.

National Peanut Board

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The National Peanut Board understands that shoppers want the very best ingredients at reasonable prices to create delicious and nutritious foods for their loved ones. With glowing recommendations from the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association, peanuts and peanut butter take pride in being a shelf-stable staple.

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