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Private Networking Groups

Focused ▪ Non-competitive ▪ Collaborative ▪ Participant-driven ▪ Professionally Facilitated

Connect with other peers in a non-competitive setting, share knowledge, and see how other health and wellness professionals are dealing with the same issues you face every day.

Meetings, both in person and virtual, provide the opportunity for professionals in like segments to meet, collaborate, problem-solve, share ideas and best practices, and help non-competing industry partners. Specific takeaways are provided following each meeting and may result in industry research or white papers that benefit the entire association and industry.

Participation in these groups is by request only to avoid competitive overlap. To participate, contact Sue Toy, VP of Association Development, at

A Selection of Our Groups

Food is Medicine PNG

Food as Medicine

This Private Networking Group (PNG) is designed to answer the most significant questions in Food as Medicine. These discussions will focus on moving research and ideas to action with meaningful and measurable outcomes. Members will have opportunities to network, form partnerships, and advance Food as Medicine approaches and programs. It is essential that leading health and wellness experts across top retailers, CPGs, food service, and large and small brands are around this table.

Consumer Behavior Change PNG

Consumer Behavior Change

In the dynamic landscape of consumer health and wellness, a pivotal challenge emerges – deciphering the intricate nuances of consumer behavior change. This Private Networking Group (PNG) is a collective of professionals who will explore consumer behavior and forge a path towards transformative change and impact for the industry.

Retail Dietitians PNG

Retail Dietitians

Elevate Your Impact as a Retail Dietitian! Join the Retail Dietitians Private Networking Group (PNG) where the brightest minds in retail dietetics converge to shape the future of the industry. As a member of this PNG, you’ll be part of a community that thrives on collaboration, problem-solving and idea sharing. These meetings are your platform to engage with fellow retail dietitians, tackle challenges together and champion advancements that redefine our profession.

Have an idea for a group? Reach out and let’s get started.