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This free Expo East exposure campaign is designed to help you educate and engage with your customers.

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Meet our team:

Phil Lempert

Phil Lempert

The Supermarket Guru®

Phil is a well-known public and media figure trusted to cover the issues and trends in the retail and agricultural sector.

Emily Callahan

Emily Callahan

President of ARC™ (the Association of Retail & Consumer Professionals)

Emily is dedicated to the success of emerging brands and building the connective fibers for business growth, professional development and meaningful industry networks.

James Jackson

Host of ARCast™: In the Trenches with James Jackson

James is a CPG industry vet focused on professional perspectives, retail news and showcasing new and emerging brands.

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The Expo East showcase video is courtesy of Studio X, a fully-integrated video production suite servicing agencies, independent producers and a wide range of individual clients. Working across all media channels and platforms, Studio X helps bands to think bolder and be better.

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