ARC Health & Wellness Community

The Association of Retail and Consumer Professionals

2023 Natural Products Expo East

Spotlight on New Products and Trends

The ARC Health & Wellness Community is a professional community (formerly the RDBA) focused on educating, connecting, and elevating health and wellness professionals to maximize their influence and interactions with the consumer. With this mission, passion, and purpose in mind, we descended upon the 2023 Natural Products Expo East to discover new products and trends looking to get on the shelf. We partnered with an incredible video production crew, Studio X, and Phil Lempert the SupermarketGuru®, to get up close and personal with emerging brands!

Position your Brand for Success

Get your brand in front of key influencers like retail dietitians, buyers, and category managers. Be where the decisions are made and lead the way to consumer preference and loyalty. Inquire about how your brand can get front and center with decision-makers by connecting with James Jackson, Director of Strategic Sales. 

See you at the 2024 Expo West in Anaheim, California!

7th Heaven – Malinda Miklic

Brazi Bites – Junea Rocha

Caulipower – Gail Becker

Craize – Marissa Arguelles
Death Wish – Samantha Siegal
Dietz & Watson – Jody Mason
Don’s Prepared Foods – Carl Cappelli
Elmhurst – Heba Mahmoud
Food for Life (Ezekiel 4:9) – Gary Torres
FigBrew – Andy Whitehead
Forager Project – JC Hanley
Good Planet Foods – Bart Adlam
Guayaki – Alex Schirer
Manitoba Milling Co. – Mary Ekman
Miracle Noodle – Jonathan Carp, MD
Nuun – Mike Sommers
Omsom – Sam Set
Rudi’s – Justin Gold/Jane Miller
Saint James – Brad Neumann
Secret Island – Daniel Del Coro
Spins – Dan Buckstaff
Thor’s Skyr (Hafthor) – Hafþór Björnsson
Thor’s Skyr (Unnar) – Unnar Danielsson
Topo Chico – Leah Matoney
TruFru – Harvey Millar/Camille Sollowen
Watkins – J. R. Wrigley

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