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Training courses are included in your membership with the Health and Wellness Community! As you know, understanding how a retailer operates and basic business acumen is crucial to the work of dietitians, nutritionists, health coaches, and more. The Health & Wellness Community training helps fill in those gaps and we’re so glad you’re a member!

You have a number of virtual courses at your fingertips through the Members Only online portal, which you can easily access with the button below. As the retail and consumer landscape is ever-evolving, we’ve developed the necessary courses to help you navigate the integration of omnichannel concepts. In addition to over 10 hours of online learning, you have access to 30+ Continuing Professional Education Units for Dietetic Professionals (through CDR). All included in your membership!

The courses below are also found in the training portal, when you log in and they are so easy to enroll and complete!

Health and Wellness Courses

Retailer Strategies


All retailers operate with an overarching strategy that is largely static and guides all decision-making within the organization. This course introduces the four elements of a retailer’s strategy and explains how these elements guide specific tactics within the organization. After completion, learners will be able to identify different strategies used in the marketplace and understand how retailers differentiate themselves from one another.

Retail finance for non-finance professionals

Retail Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

This training course is designed for non-accounting and finance professionals who play a crucial role in a retailer’s business but may not have formal business training. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of a retailer’s Profit and Loss (P&L) statement, helping participants make informed business decisions, understand financial performance, and communicate effectively with financial experts.


This course introduces common category strategies and presents ways to select the right set of shopper and financial strategies to best support the category’s role. The strategies consider how the consumer shops, the image of the retailer, and the competitive nature of the categories. Participants will understand how these category strategies dictate more detail surrounding the tactics that relate to each category.

Storytelling with data

with Data

This course covers the fundamental components of storytelling and how to use data to support both conflict and resolution. Data visualization helps to tell stories, getting rid of the noise and highlight the useful information. 

Shopper Marketing 101

Marketing 101

This course covers all different aspects of in-store marketing, including in-store marketing materials, and explains how in-store media have to tie in to pre-defined in-store marketing objectives as well as the requirements for best-in-class shopper marketing programs. Provides different in-store marketing examples that work with the different in-store marketing objectives that have been defined.

Future Coursework Includes:

Understanding Retail

Basics of Shopper Insights

Retail KPIs, Metrics
and Best Practices