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Dietitians are the leaders that we need today. With increasing employee burnout, and mental health concerns, having dietitians in leadership roles is what the world needs. Why? Because dietitians are strong communicators, empathetic, and trained in some of the key skills for modern leaders. For example, motivational interviewing has many parallels to leadership coaching. Also, dietitians are trained to juggle a complex load of unique patients, which is very similar to leading a diverse team of employees. There are so many transferable skills between dietetics and leadership. In this session, we will dive into why dietitians should be pursuing leadership roles and how to accomplish this. You will also learn how to transfer your skill set to leadership roles, and how to further build leadership skills while in more traditional dietetics roles. We will cover topics such as how to get leadership experience when you aren’t currently managing a team, how to highlight transferable skills that set you up for pursuing leadership positions, and how to transfer your existing skills once in a leadership position. This session will empower dietitians to have the confidence to pursue leadership roles, which enhances career growth opportunities for dietitians, as well as enable growth and strength of the profession.

Presented by Alexis Williams, RD MAN, Co-Founder: Business Skills for Health Professionals
Melanie Byland, MBA MPH, Co-Founder: Business Skills for Health Professionals

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