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By Stephanie Schultz, RD Ambassador to the RDBA

As RDBA members, you know the value retail dietitians add to food retailers, and the expertise you bring to the food and beverage industry overall! You also appreciate how important it is to show value and return on investment within the business world. But many industry professionals do not understand the retail dietitian value proposition, and worse, they may not see retail dietitians as influential players because of this lack of understanding. RDBA knows it is critical to share insights about the great work you do with a broader audience, and we’re utilizing the Category Management Association (CMA), our sister association, to do that!

The RDBA is the newest association under the Association of Retail & Consumer Professionals (ARC) umbrella. ARC is at the forefront of advocating for our unique roles – as retail dietitians, category managers, shopper insights and space planning professionals – in the ever-changing retail industry. One of the goals related to RDBA is to share insights and case studies to help build awareness of retail dietitians and the impactful work you do.

Last week, we hosted the 2023 Virtual Experience. The ARC team got a front-row seat to learn about some of the great work RDBA members are doing, and they had the opportunity to connect with some of you in the networking sessions. They walked away with new understanding and big ideas to help elevate retail dietitians within the industry. The CMA recently shared the “Top 10 Ways RDNs Add Value to Food Retailers,” a list compiled by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and highlighted the areas of overlap between retail dietitians and category management. These areas of overlap include: 

  1. Elevate basket size, nutrition profile and sales through direct and indirect customer interactions.
  2. Identify new engagement, revenue, education, and loyalty building services.
  3. Define cross-category product selection.

You can view the post here. Perhaps this list would be a good conversation starter with you and your category management team. Start with how your roles are similar, and then branch off into the other items on this list that reflect your unique value proposition as a retail dietitian.

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