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The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is General Mills’ source for scientific health and nutrition expertise that accelerates opportunities and growth for the company. We are committed to unlocking opportunities to nourish people with food they love by improving the variety, nutrient density, affordability, and accessibility of our products.

Reagan-Udall Foundation

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The COVID-19 pandemic drove many Americans to think more about their health – from general wellness to chronic disease management. We learned quickly that individuals living with – or at high risk of – some nutrition related chronic diseases were hit harder by COVID. These individuals may also be at a higher risk for long-term COVID impact. Even as record numbers of Americans are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, many report plans to continue or increase their focus on health and wellness. Retail dietitians can be essential in helping Americans make healthier choices and ensuring focus is on evidence-based information that promotes health and prevents and manages chronic conditions in the long term.

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