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As your shoppers wind down from the hectic holiday season, they set their intentions on starting the year off with healthy habits. Retail dietitians can help by providing resources, recipes and solutions to help shoppers have a healthy and flavorful start to the new year!

Three ways to provide educational guidance:

1) Direct shoppers to heart-healthy foods: American Heart Month is right around the corner! One of the quickest ways to help your customers find heart-healthy foods is to have them look for the American Heart Association Heart-Check Certification mark to identify foods and beverages that can be trusted to provide heart healthy benefits. This February for American Heart Month, create an endcap with Heart-Check Certified products. All GoodWheat Pasta products carry the American Heart Association Heart-Check Certification. You can trust GoodWheat to support a heart-healthy lifestyle! 

2) Help customers fill their cart with fiber: Most shopping carts are deficient of fiber rich foods. Fiber is critical to our health, yet a staggering 90% of Americans aren’t getting the recommended daily value, which puts them at a higher risk for disease.1 With 4x the fiber of regular wheat pasta (8g vs. 2g per serving), GoodWheat pasta is a sneaky delicious™ way for pasta lovers of all ages to add fiber to their diets without sacrificing taste or texture. 

3) Provide easy recipe inspiration in the kitchen: Provide delicious and nutritious meal inspiration with cozy winter recipes that will satisfy your customers hunger for healthy meals while helping to drive sales across the store. Try this Rotini & Bean Soup recipe for a nourishing, flavorful, and fiber-filled recipe packed with beans and veggies. For a family favorite to share with your shoppers, feature this One Pot Broccoli Cheddar Rotini. Both recipes are Heart-Healthy recipes certified by the American Heart Association. Click here for more recipe inspiration on GoodWheat’s website!  

For more consumer educational resources featuring GoodWheat pasta, click here. To learn more about GoodWheat, go to or follow them on Instagram and Facebook

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