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The Association for Retail and Consumer Professionals (ARC) has acquired the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance (RDBA).

RDBA was founded by Phil Lempert in 2012 to help support and connect registered dietitians working in retail across the U.S. and Canada. For ten years, RDBA has developed a connected network, educated leaders and newcomers in the profession, and built great partnerships with organizations focused on health and wellness.

ARC is the master association and parent company for the Category Management Association, Shopper Insights Management Association and Space Planning Community.  ARC embraces a member-led format, and works to harness deep industry expertise, ideas and innovation to deliver needed resources, thought leadership, training, certification, talent development, recruiting support, business skill development and meaningful networking. ARC provides a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind resource and advocacy center that unites retail professional communities more purposefully than ever before.

By joining the ARC banner, RDBA’s retail dietitians will become a part of this growing organization and have access to ARCs suite of training, services, tools and vast networking.

With all evolution, growth and transition comes change. One significant change is that RDBA will say farewell to longtime leader and day-to-day contributor Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND. ARC would like to recognize the years of leadership, friendship and dedication that Annette has brought to the RDBA. From thought leadership and developing content to creating connections and continuing education, Annette has truly been a cornerstone of the RDBA. She, along with the entire RDBA team, has created new programs and met the needs of retail dietitians. We look forward to her continued engagement in various ways as we move forward into the future.

As for Phil Lempert, he will be ‘hanging around the hoop’ as an ongoing content contributor, speaker and more. He’ll move out of day-to-day RDBA work and move on to some new ventures in partnership with Xerxes Global (amongst other things).

ARC would like to introduce you to a few key individuals:

Emily Callahan: 

  • Chief Innovation and Administration Officer for Xerxes Global, the parent company for the Association of Retail and Consumer Professionals (ARC), and ARC President.

Stephanie Schultz, MSM, RDN, CD: 

  • A new addition to the ARC leadership team is likely a familiar face, Stephanie Schultz. Stephanie is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives and Dietitian Ambassador. She will help facilitate RDBAs events, build and grow partnerships and team-lead the 2023 strategic roadmap and offering. She is a former retail dietitian, RDBA’s inaugural Retail Dietitian of the Year award winner, and former RDBA Advisory Board member.

Suzi Wirtz:

  • Suzi Wirtz is VP of Member Services at ARC. Suzi will be assuming some day-to-day leadership responsibilities; her focus is all things members and member services. As we develop, build and grow relationships, Suzi is responsible for making connections between RDBA members and the ARC existing membership base. She also oversees training and education logistics and is committed to our member-led philosophy. Suzi is looking forward to meeting you and learning about organizational and personal professional needs and goals.

James Jackson:

  • James is the Director of Strategic Sales for ARC. James has vast experience in the retail and consumer industry. He has worked across many categories within brands, retailers and data providers. He has also created programs for organizations such as the National Beef Company. James has a unique ability to craft fantastic strategic direction for teams, clients and sponsors by listening for their goals and devising plans that drive execution and achievement.

Thank you all for your continued support. The ARC team looks forward to serving the RDBA!

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